• Conscious Living

    Dear Friends, I just returned from a mindfulness yoga retreat at Plum Village Thailand. The senior monk and nun reminded us that we are changing everyday. We should embrace change and be the new you…if not, it will not be a New Year! This is such a good reminder as we always want to have […]

  • Conscious Living
  • Are you breathing consciously?

    Are you breathing consciously? Or are you breathing shallowly today? Observe your breath. Take a moment to drop thoughts that are affecting you physically and emotionally. Close your eyes for a moment or gaze out of the window. Gently seal your lips. Breathe in deeply into your belly (belly out) and exhale through your nose, […]

  • Yoga
  • Slow down your mind… simple meditation for beginners

    It is end of the week, weekend is great for rejuvenating. Slow down. “Google has an internal course called “Search Inside Yourself” to teach employees to breathe mindfully, listen more to their co-workers and enhance their emotional intelligence. Even McKinsey is embracing meditation to keep employees healthy and happy.” Article (How meditation can make you […]