• yoga retreat
  • Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat 2016

    During this retreat, the class that I enjoyed sharing the most was Nasal Cleansing…before we stuck the netti pot into our nostril, most of the students were a little apprehensive…10 minutes later, they felt relieved after trying and realised that it was much easier than they thought. Fear can stop us from trying new things […]

  • Dance
  • Lyrical Jazz Dance Workshop

    Conducting Lyrical Jazz Dance Workshop tomorrow for a group of regular students who love dancing. This is not a professional training workshop but I am always happy to share my choreography with this group of students and evoke their emotions. Tap into your emotions….tell your story…

  • Yoga
  • Real Yoga is Journey Inside

    If you are pretty flexible like some dancers and gymnasts and some poses are effortless for you, you want to look deeper into your yoga practice. Leslie Kaminoff (Yoga Educator inspired by the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar) ” Have you seen former dancers or gymnasts in yoga class? Are you one, yourself? Does it seem […]

  • Pilates
  • Difference between Pilates and Yoga

    Name one of the differences between Pilates and Yoga. They are different and should not be compared but I will share how one of the Pilates exercises that can benefit you. Pilates has exercises that works on spinal articulation (initiating from head to roll up, from tail to roll down). Pilates spinal articulation exercises targets […]

  • Yoga
  • Slow down your mind… simple meditation for beginners

    It is end of the week, weekend is great for rejuvenating. Slow down. “Google has an internal course called “Search Inside Yourself” to teach employees to breathe mindfully, listen more to their co-workers and enhance their emotional intelligence. Even McKinsey is embracing meditation to keep employees healthy and happy.” Article (How meditation can make you […]